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Excellent Body-Body massage in Geneva and Lausanne

It's well-being ...

The Tantra massage is above all well-being, relaxation, rest, a break from the stress of everyday life ...
Our tantra masseuses are therapists trained in this art They were selected for their knowledge of human anatomy.
Find out that the atmosphere of our institute is simply magical. We will take you to the absolute serenity and you will come out of your massage session brisk and relaxed all over your body.

The course of your body body massage in Geneva and Lausanne.

This is a naturist massage with hot oil made on all parts of your body by your goddess who will pamper you, cherish you, and wrap you by using all the parts of her anatomy. Abandon yourself in this body to body sensual and intense experience.

The body body massage session becomes more and more sensual because the masseuse rubs you with her buttocks, her breast, her crotch and end up by massaging you with her whole body. It's aphrodisiac !

During this session you are only receiver of the massage, it is not possible to exchange caressing with the masseuse. The session ends with the LINGAM massage.

What is the Lingam massage ?


The body-body massage uses the whole body to soothe tension, relax muscles, improve well-being and awake the senses and consciousness.

Practiced entirely nude, this massage is one of the richest techniques in sensuality and eroticism at the moment. The masseuse massages you with her breasts, buttocks and crotch. This massage is very popular with people who like the contact of the skin to the skin.

In The Goddesses of Tantra, body-body massage is one of the most popular relax and detente programs that you can enjoy either at your institute in Lausanne, at your institute in Geneva as well.

The body-body massage is not born yesterday. It is practiced since ancient Asia to amplify the effects of the naturist massage.The fact that the massage is not provided with the hands, but with the whole body of the practitioner allows her to focus better on the body. The physical contact is intense and stimulates all the muscles.

DIn addition, the sensations of well-being and relaxation are amplified thanks to the softness of caresses, touches and sensuality of the masseuse.

The goddesses of Tantra acquire this sensual massage at their fingertips. In the exeptional and warm space, you can enjoy such a program thanks to the team of masseuses who are waiting for you from Monday to Sunday in your institute of Geneva and Lausanne.


In general, the duration of the body-body massage massage session is one hour.

The masseuse as well as the person being massaged are negligee. Regarding the massage room, it must be quite dark. In addition, it is possible that a flavored essence and soothing music are diffused in the room to optimize the zen and relaxation of the environment.

Once all the elements gather, you will lie on the table provided for this purpose or on the floor. The completely naked practitioner will apply essential oil to your body before wrapping it with your whole body. The massage begins with the back, then face to face and after the masseuse also coats her body with the same essential oil. The caresses and movements are very pleasant and carried out in all sensuality.

In order to book your body-body massage or reciprocal massage session in Lausanne and Geneva, contact your institute, The Goddesses of Tantra without further delay.

Bodybody Massage :  
2 hands :  
60min 300 CHF
90min 400 CHF
120min 500 CHF
4 hands :  
60min 550 CHF
90min 750 CHF
120min 950 CHF

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