Les déesses du Tantra

Your Goddesses of Trantra in the area of Genève and Lausanne

Massage Parlor in Geneva and Lausanne - Les Déesses du Tantra

Your massage salons in Geneva and Lausanne welcome you by appointment and exactly from that moment the address will be forwarded to you.

Upon arrival, the chosen on the internet platform goddess will welcome you with a warm smile and a pleasant ambience. Forget everything because you are in good hands.

Then she will offer you a hot or cold drink before starting the massage and start having with you a nice conversation to get to know you better, your needs and expectations ...

Your goddess will explain and dispel all your “question marks” and will inform you about the meaning and process of the tantric massage.

Do not hesitate - ask all your questions and express your will. Then you can take a shower and your personal hygiene kit (slippers, soap, shower gel, shampoo, the comb) will be personally delivered by your Goddess.

From this moment, you can lie on the futon in the massage room and start your journey to the land of gentleness.

Gentlemen, our tantric massages  are very sensual, very relaxing and based on traditional relaxation techniques.

During a  tantric massage  session in a massage room in Geneva and Lausanne, your body is massaged entirely, from head to toe with warm oil. The mirror reflection will make you receive a unique experience, in a naturist spirit in the spirit of naturist surrounded by candlelight.

For information purposes - all massages are NO SEX certified and finished ONLY with LINGAM massage for men or YONI for women.

What is the LINGAM massage?

Lingam massage is a male massage of all its erogenous points. This is an excellent opportunity for you, Gentlemen, to feel the movement and flow of energy through the root chakra, one of the most important chakras and from which the strength and power of the men depends.

LINGAM massage fills the whole body with a wonderful feeling, both warmth and pleasure, while gently awakening the sensitive side of your personality. The extension of the massage is expressed in the thighs, groins, penis and testicles.

Lingam massage in only manual.

  • Any proposal that may modify treatment is prohibited.
  • Les Deesses will systematically reject all requests contrary to the treatment initially proposed.
  • Oral and physical courtesy is required.
  • Any gestures or false comments about Les Deesses will lead to an immediate cessation of care without reimbursement.

Thank you for following these simple rules in the massage parlor, to ensure good care.

Hygiene rules in a Massage Salon in Geneva

For all our care, we adhere to the most stringent hygiene rules. The shower is required before the massage, but is optional after the session.

Because we want to provide you optimal quality of service, we offer you a hygiene kit including a towel, a clean bathrobe and slippers for one-time use at the beginning of each session.

Please note that showers and toilets are sanitized between each session and that each futon is coated with a disposable towel and replaced after each massage in the massage salon in Geneva and Lausanne.

Your session always with full discretion

Your massage salons in Geneva, Lausanne provide access to the secure building.

Les Deesses are discreet and associated by professional secrecy because they signed a confidentiality agreement.

Outside of our massage salon, they will treat you like a complete stranger and will not reveal to anyone the nature of your meeting.

Enjoy your time of relaxation in our institutes of Les Déesses du Tantra in Geneva and Lausanne.

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