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Your Goddesses of Trantra in the area of Genève and Lausanne

Alternative and Relaxing options - The Goddesses of Tantra

In order to sublimate your moment of relaxation in your Institutes the Goddesses of Tantra in Geneva and Lausanne, you have the possibility to accompany your tantra naturist massage of your choice with one of several options:

  • Shower or bath of goddess 
  • The jacuzzi of the goddess
  • The massage of the prostate

The benefits of showering or bathing goddess

The magic of the shower or the bath of the goddess, when taken before, is that it gently takes you to an exciting erotic relaxation. The goddess soaps you to eliminate fatigue, ease your tensions and guide you to the wonderful world of tantra relaxation. She soaps you with organic products always in a spirit of respect to your body and your skin. When it is taken after, the goddess shower helps you to slowly descend from your fabulous tantra massage adventure by keeping in touch with the masseuse. Your goddess will help you remove the massage oil from your body, especially on hard-to-reach areas such as the back.

The relaxing benefits of prostate massage.

By choosing the prostate massage you enter another dimension of orgasmic pleasure: The Prostatic Orgasm. Unlike to the penile orgasm it is deeper, more visceral and more diffuse (reminiscent of a female orgasm). The prostate is a gland that is an integral part of your sexual area. The prostate massage is a rectal touch. The masseuse will repeat gentle pressure movements on the gland. Your goddess can do it with her finger or an accessory that you can bring.

The benefits of the jacuzzi of the goddesses.

The immersion of your naked body and that of the masseuse, in the hot whirlpool water provides an immediate sensation of the sexiest relaxation . The jacuzzi helps fight against anxiety and stress and improve the quality of your sleep. The jacuzzi of the goddesses is a sensual moment of social time with the masseuse. You will be able to get to know each other better by talking about everything and nothing with accompaniment of a glass of champagne offered by your institute in Geneva or Lausanne.

All these options are naughty moments to complete your tantra naturist massage, increase your pleasure and a supreme opportunity to bond more to your goddess.

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