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Reciprocal Massage for you well-being in Geneva and Lausanne

Reciprocal massage is a mutual relaxation that benefits both the masseuse and the person being massaged. During this massage, the two sides are invited to stimulate each other alternately to share the pleasure but especially to ensure the well-being of ones partner.

It's energetic !

The Tantra massage leads to harmonize the circulation and the internal energy circulating in your body because it allows you to recharge yourself.

Our goal is to guide you and allow you to evolve in your everyday life with vitality.

We wish to transmit to you "the art of equilibrium" between the body and the soul and you will leave the massage free dfrom all tension, filled with pleasure in osmosis and in equilibrium with yourself.

The Course of Reciprocal Massage Session

During the reciprocal massage, , it is possible to share your pleasure with the masseuse by touching, massaging all over her body and her intimate parts. If you choose reciprocal massage, know that the exchanges and caresses will be given not only by the masseuse but by yourself too. 

Throughout the reciprocal massage session, mutual reciprocal caresses are shared with mutual respect. You have the right to touch and massage the goddess on all parts of her body in accordance with the limits required by each. The masseuse will respect your own limits as well. In this massage, you are a recipient and donor of the massage. The goddess ends the session with the Lingam massage

What is the Lingam massage?

Discover the reciprocal naturist massage

The reciprocal massage allows you to combine erotic massages, exchange of pleasure and sensuality.. This service is provided by a professional masseuse in one of the institutes  Les Déesses du tantra, in Lausanne and Geneva  . Tantra Massage Centers are open from Monday to Sunday. So do not hesitate to make an appointment if you need a moment of relaxation.

Your institute  Your institute offers a reciprocal naturist massage in an intimate and warm setting. Caresses and soft pressures shared for the unique and sensual moment, it is the characteristic of this technique of massage, very appreciated by the customers. The session can be done by couple or solo. You will be accompanied by a professional masseuse who will teach you if necessary. In case you come solo for a reciprocal massage, reciprocity is indicated to multiply the pleasure in any sensuality, which means that you will also be able to massage the masseuse in your turn.

The natural benefits of reciprocal massage

Reciprocal massage will bring you many benefits. Among the notable effects of this practice, there is the awakening of the senses and consciousness, relaxation or the benefits of personal development. Note that you can opt for the naturist reciprocal massage, this means a nude massage. You will see that the relaxation will be total.

If you want to book a reciprocal massage session in your institute, The Goddesses of Tantra, find out that it is open from Monday to Sunday in Lausanne  and Geneva  .

Reciprocal Massage :  
2 hands :  
60min 350 CHF
90min 450 CHF
120min 550 CHF
4 hands :  
60min 650 CHF
90min 850 CHF
120min 1050 CHF


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